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  • “Your performances were spellbinding! From all the reports – trustees, guests, artists, students –
    you captivated everyone. Thanks for being so adept at working with our limited resources.
    You’ve got our unlimited admiration.”

    ~ NY School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

  • “The audience responded dynamically and enthusiastically to every one of Peter’s illusions.
    And in the end, as to be expected, a sanding ovation greeted Peter’s performance.”
    “OSU recommends this fantastic show for any college or university.”

    ~ SUAB, OSU

  • “I would like to congratulate you on a splendid performance Monday evening in our Monday Night
    Specials series. We were delighted to have a near-capacity audience and I could tell that everyone,
    from the Vice President of our board to my four year-old daughter enjoyed the show immensely”

    ~ NJ Shakespeare Festival

  • “Mr Samelson is cunning and clever.”

    ~ WRTN – Radio

  • “We wanted to say again how much we enjoyed your residency here at Stanford last fall.”

    ~ The Lively Arts at Stanford

  • “The Close-Up Magic performance, the Magic performance and the workshop were all extremely
    enjoyable and entertaining. You captured the attention of your audience very quickly and attentively…
    one of the best acts we have booked this year!”

    ~ SAB, Loyola of Chicago

  • “It is not often that one finds an artist or group that performs equally well for both children
    and adults, and Peter Samelson is an exception. His style of entertaining is relaxed and personal.”

    ~ The Dalton School

  • “You held the audience spellbound with your unique combination of Magic and Theatre”

    ~ Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute

  • “… this year’s event was the most successful ever in terms of attendance, ticket sales,
    organization and over all artistic quality.”

    ~ International Children’s Festival

  • “Your ability to put an audience at ease, introduced intellectual challenges and establish
    a fast-paced humorous tone command’s an audiences attention. You are a master of the pause,
    the double-take, the expressive shrug.”

    ~ UC Santa Cruz:

  • “it was a pleasure to have the Magic of Peter Samelson as part of our week long
    celebration in the Atrium at Citicorp Center.”

    ~ Concepts in Entertainment

  • “From the incredible display of illusions t the cocktail party to the one on one interplay
    with our guests, you created an atmosphere of surprise, gaiety, and terrific fun.”

    ~ Mardi Gras (A benefit for the Eglevsky Ballet)

  • “… unique … an engaging ‘awesome’ performance”

    ~ Palo Alto, California

  • “… a splendid performance.”

    ~ The New Jersey Shakespeare Festival

  • “… a master … he commands the audience’s rapt attention …
    The show is personal and the magic superb!”

    ~ Santa Cruz, California

  • “… wit and style … a delight!”

    ~ San Jose, California

  • “… an excellent performance … the audience responded dynamically …
    And in the end, as to be expected, a standing ovation … fantastic show …”

    ~ Stillwater, Oklahoma

  • “… an exceptional performer.”

    ~ Chicago, Illinois

  • “… he ‘makes’ us want to believe … fantastic!”

    ~ Rainbow Room, New York City, NY

  • “Samelson is an exciting showman who combines illusion with philosophy,
    mime and mental exercises.”

    ~ Los Angeles, California

  • “Want a show unlike any you’ve ever seen? Get Peter Samelson … Wonderful!”

    ~ U.C. Riverside, California